Totems poles- Barcelona Harbor

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Barcelona Harbor – Totems poles in bus zones Client: Barcelona Harbor- Totem poles in bus zones Date: June, 2018 Description: Supply of totem poles formed by an internal structure of galvanized tube and aluminum fronts with lateral folds, marked and painted according to the image provided by the customer. Measures: 1500 x 5000mm

INSPIRA – Pere Escat i Tomas – L’Escala

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INSPIRA – Pere Escat i Tomas – L’Escala Client: INSPIRA –  Pere Escat i Tomas – L’Escala Date: Junio 2018 Description: Aluminum box-type sign, on the corner, with sockets for lighting, upper and lower, with led strips, with interior white methacrylate. Fronts with two cut-out texts “GLOBAL INMO” and “INSPIRA”, with 4mm rear methacrylate. Texts: “INSPIRA” … Read More