Joaquim Albertí, S.L. – Campllong

and Panels, Monoliths, Totems

Joaquim Albertí, S.L. – Campllong Client: Joaquim Albertí, S.L. – Campllong Date: February 2017 Description: Cube-shaped monoliths. Opaque part made with 2mm aluminum plate and painted with powder paint using an electrostatic system. Internal structure of gal tubes and base with plate and counter plate to be embedded in the soil by means of a … Read More

Comú de Andorra la Vella

and Panels, Monoliths, Totems

Comú de Andorra la Vella – New corporate image Client: Comú de Andorra la Vella Date: Genuary 2021 Description: Supply of the new image of the Andorra la Vella commune made with an internal structure of galvanized tube, body and base in 2mm aluminum sheet, with powder paint finish, applied by electrostatic system, polymerized in the … Read More

Totems poles- Barcelona Harbor

and Panels, Monoliths, Totems

Barcelona Harbor – Totems poles in bus zones Client: Barcelona Harbor- Totem poles in bus zones Date: June, 2018 Description: Supply of totem poles formed by an internal structure of galvanized tube and aluminum fronts with lateral folds, marked and painted according to the image provided by the customer. Measures: 1500 x 5000mm

Fes Més

All, and Panels, Monoliths, Totems

Fes Més Client: FES MÉS  Date: January 2003 Description: Manufacture and placement of a triangular structure to support 3 canvas signs of 5000x5000mm, located at 20mts. height on a tubular structure of 700 mm diameter and 35 meters high. Signs made with 2 mm aluminum sheets and FUTURA extruded profile. “Backlight” canvas fronts marked with cut … Read More