1. Design

The Corporate Identity Creation Department works on designing or redesigning, together with its clients, the graphic image of their ideas or projects, using all the resources and means provided by current technology (photographic reports, analysis and graphic projects, computer-aided design...) in order to provide the client with a an idea beforehand of ​​how the project will be carried out, as well as being able to visualize the final image that it will end up having.

2. Engineering

After the creative team and client work closely together and collaborate, we first of all develop the prototype and then the product itself, optimising the different production phases. Thanks to a qualified team of external collaborators, we have extensive support in all our projects that guarantee their viability and durability over time. We can offer calculation and architecture solutions for metallic structures, the manufacture of luminous panels with dedicated electronic equipment, development of applications and LED software, adjusted to the client’s needs to respond to all the challenges they propose.

3. Manufacturing

The Production Department has the necessary infrastructure, experience and technical resources to bring to life the creation developed by the team of designers and engineers, turning what started as an idea in a sketch into reality, both for the development of a unique project, and the serial deployment of the corporate brand image.

4. Logistics and installation

Rètols Futura’s logistics department coordinates the storage, distribution and transport, both nationally and internationally, of all material, from the end of the production process to its delivery to the point of installation. The Installations Department performs the tasks of assembling the different elements that make up the project’s corporate image (vertical signage, advertising support, monoliths, street furniture...) both nationally and in Andorra. Rètols Futura’s different assembly teams work in a coordinated and flexible way, with an optimum level of quality, as a result of their many years of experience.

5. Maintenance

Our company’s signage is part of the image we want to give and how we want to be perceived. How we look after it and maintain it, too. Rètols Futura, aware of the importance of offering a good image, offers comprehensive maintenance services, both corrective and preventive, adjusted to the needs of each client, as well as the development of proposals for improving and updating existing signage.