New intalations MEMYOC - Polinyà

Client: New Intalations MEMYOC - Polinyà

Date: February 2019

Description: Sign on the main façade made up of the anagram + "MEMYOC" text.

Anagram formed by a light box made of 2mm aluminum plate and FUTURA extruded profiles. Rear structure in galvanized tube. Canvas front labeled with translucent vinyl, according to customer design. Interior lighting with white LEDs with a color rendering index of 80 out of 100 and their corresponding power supplies. Powder paint treatment of the set.

"MEMYOC" text made with 2mm aluminum plate, forming letters in the shape of a "U" and "Black&White" methacrylate front with tab. Interior lighting with a high-brightness white LED strip, with its corresponding power supplies. Treatment of the entire set with powder paint.

Measures: Anagrama: 1844 x 2308 x 160mm

Text "MEMYOC": 7134 x 1069mm